Smart Programmatic Creative

Multi-screen dynamic rich media ads at the speed of programmatic media buying

Automated, Cross Platform, All Formats

Clinch auto-generates and optimizes branded dynamic HTML5 rich media ad campaigns on the fly. In all formats, across all devices, at any scale.

Programmatic Media changed ad targeting.

Programmatic Creative changes ad designing.

Personalized Performance Advertising

Increase ROI with our HTML5 Ad Creator Engine that replaces Flash technology. Data-driven Ad optimization 'per impression', free from traditional creative costs and limitations.



All Ad


Real Time

Dynamic Content



Cross Platform

(Mobile Oriented)

Data Driven


The Clinch Engine

Our patent-pending HTML5 animation technology combines multiple data sources to create & optimize rich media ads in real time on the client side! Determine most relevant content to display for optimal click-through and conversion per consumer.

Programmatic Creative Examples

Improve the shopping experience, drive traffic and increase conversion with dynamic personalized ads.


Amazing Features

Our full service rich media advertising platform provides you

with powerful features to maximize your revenue.

Real Time Optimization

Our expert designers will create branded customized ads for you that can be optimized ‘Per Impression’ based on performance throughout the shopping journey and social media activity

Auto-Generated in All Formats

Our smart engine automatically turns all your inventory and content into animated rich media and video ads in all ad formats to target and retarget your audience across all channels

Unique Animation Tech

Advanced real time browser-rendering HTML5 animation technology that replaces flash and other expensive & time consuming production, updates and streaming methods.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Reach more customers in a multi-screen world and bring customers back to your site with targeted rich media ads that are auto-distributed across social media and the web.

Dynamic Rich Media Ads

Personalized eye-catching ads that best promote your brand and display always up-to-date content of your entire online catalog without additional development.

Data-Driven Creative

Using analytics to drive the creative based on performance, user behavior and interactivity to improve the experience and increase your revenue and KPIs.

About Us

Meet the core team behind Clinch

Oz Etzioni

Oz Etzioni

CEO & Cofounder

Prior to co-founding Clinch, Oz was the Director of User Experience Design & Innovation at MRM Worldwide, NYC (McCann Worldgroup). Oz brings over 10 years of experience in digital and design. Led and developed digital platforms and strategy for Exxon, US Army, GM, Nikon, Home Depot, Verizon, Ikea, MasterCard, Smirnoff, and more. Oz has an Israeli Air Force background.

Raz Peter

Raz Peter

CTO & Cofounder

Raz is an experienced entrepreneur and a multidisciplined engineer with vast expertise ranging from hardware and software engineering to algorithms. Raz led development teams in Elbit Systems, Israel. Raz owned a private luxury flights company and has an Israeli Air Force background.

Alon Caspi

Alon Caspi

Creative Director

Prior to Clinch Alon was a Senior Art Director at MRM Worldwide, NYC (McCann Worldgroup). Alon brings over 15 years of experience in motion & interaction design, illustration and animation. Won his first Promax award in 2001 and designed for the biggest brands: Chevy, Ikea, Nikon, MasterCard, Crown Royal, Home Depot, HOT and more.