For Advertisers

Clinch delivers exceptional performance and increased return on ad spend using data-driven personalized messages with real time optimization.

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For Publishers

Clinch’s platform provides premium CPMs and increased performance, while offering publishers new revenue streams beyond their domains.

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For Agencies

Deliver higher ROI for your client’s ad spend with an extremely efficient solution for managing ad creative and production.

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230 %

CTR Increase


Performance ROI


Users tracked per month


Sales lift for clients

Cracking The Code of Personal Creative DNA

Each individual on Earth has a unique set of characteristics and preferences.
Shouldn’t your engagement with them reflect that level of relevancy?

For the first time, Clinch enables you to communicate with customers and prospects
on a one-to-one basis, with an individualized creative experience.


Our platform drives performance and transforms your video and display formats beyond branding into revenue-generating one-to-one marketing tools.

Clinch combines brand, product and consumer data with dynamic creative messaging to generate unlimited personalized ad versions. Delivery works across all devices and platforms (web, mobile, in-app, social media and connected TV).

Video Ads with Branded Video

Cost-effectively transform your expensive brand video into an individualized response-oriented format.

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Video Ads from Scratch

Automatic generation of high-quality personalized videos from scratch when advertiser videos aren’t available.

In-banner Video

Real-time dynamic creative (HTML5) around advertiser videos. In-banner video allows for hyper targeting and optimized response at massive scale.

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Dynamic Display Ads

Dynamic HTML5 Ads. Programmatically created in real time in all ad formats, based on user and behavioral data. Optimized on the fly.

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Real-time Optimization

Generate unlimited ad versions with an individualized message and creative per user. Messages are constantly optimized in real time based on user engagement and multiple dynamic data streams such as location, user profile and interests, time of day, matching products, promotions, weather, etc.

No Video? No Worries. We’ll Create The Ad from Scratch.

We will create high quality dynamic videos for you that can be automatically generated in multiple personalized variations for prospecting and remarketing campaigns.

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Performance Display Ads

HTML5 rich media ads are created on the fly per user and optimized throughout the campaign by analyzing results and deploying new offers and creative executions.

SaaS Platform

Cloud-based platform for campaign management with intuitive UI for quick activation and rapid iterations. Provides premium creative styles with dynamic video ads, rich media studio and advanced real-time analytics, reporting and audience data.

  • Individualized

    Tailored per user based on profile, historical and behavioral data attributes that are personalized to the individual. Served across all devices throughout the user journey.

  • Real Time

    Generated and optimized on the fly in milliseconds. Built from the ground up to support the speed and targeting capabilities of programmatic platforms on mobile, desktop, connected TV and OTT.

  • Scale & Reach

    Cloud-based platform that offers instant unlimited scale in video and display with unprecedented reach and targeting due to delivery capabilities across all paid media channels and social platforms, on any device.

  • Measurable & Optimized

    User actions and behavior are tracked and analyzed in real time to continually optimize performance and deliver high return on ad spend (ROAS) based on advertiser-specified KPIs with full transparency.

Industry Solutions


Boost omnichannel sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) while increasing store and website visits.


Target auto intenders and drive sales at dealer locations.


Increase bookings and website visits with advanced prospecting, remarketing and cross-selling.


Achieve incremental conversions and turn consumer awareness into loyal customers.


Grow subscriptions, sales and customer retention.

Our Services

  • SaaS Platform

    Cloud-based Self-Service

    Campaign management, dynamic video and display creative optimization and advanced analytics and reporting.

  • Data & Audience

    It’s all about the individual

    Infuse creatives with real-world data and ensure each impression is not only targeted to the right person, but also presents the most individualized message.

  • Production

    Programmatic Creative

    Fully automated production of data-driven dynamic video and display ad messages, made truly scalable, built for programmatic media capabilities.

  • Targeting & Media

    Media & Creative, Intertwined

    Precise and efficient targeting throughout the consumer journey, across all channels and devices.

  • Serving

    Speed & Scale

    Next Generation Ad Server to create, deliver and manage your multi-screen ad campaigns. Whether you need a mobile, rich media or video ad server, Clinch enables you to get it done!

  • Measure & Optimize

    Best Performing Ads, Period

    Analyzing infinite performance metrics and behavioral data to apply predictive performance algorithms and machine learning to optimize most relevant messages to individual consumers.

VideoAI™ Technology

Personalized Creative with Real-Time Optimization based on Data Streams.

Clinch’s VideoAI™ technology was built from the ground up for programmatic platforms. It uses proprietary decision, recommendation and rendering engines to combine multiple data points to automatically create and deliver performance-optimized dynamic ad experiences, per individual, in real-time.

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